Coming soon… going fast

   Fine art oil paintings, drawings, and commissions by Nina Lisa Maria  

ON THE ISLAND OF MARTHA’S VINEYARD       www.CobaltFineArt.com 





25 August 2007  artists gathering at Fielder and Fielder, Menemsha 1-4pm

Martha’s Vineyard landscape oil paintings by Nina, plus other artists represented by Fielder and Fielder.  Thanks Chris!

  North Shore Beach, 6”x6” oil on canvas panel


24 August 2007  opening pARTy reception for Nina Lisa Maria’s abstract paintings, and Jenifer Strachan’s pique assiette mosaics

Oyster Bar Grill, 57 Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs from 5-8 pm



Left: Wet Sand, 30”x40” oil on canvas

Right: Lustre Bee, 6”x8” mosaic by Jenifer Strachan

29 July 2007  closing pARTy reception for Nina’s abstract paintings at Oyster Bar Grill, 5-8 pm


  Come early for the dollar raw bar!  Appetizers and wine compliments of OB Grill.

Thanks Michael and Wyman for hosting, and Phil for organizing!  Xoxo

The show comes down on Monday, but I’ll be installing new work at Oyster Bar Grill in mid-August with Jenifer Strachan and her pique assiette mosaics.

23 May 2007  Nina’s BIRTHDAY!!!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…  need birthday kisses















15-22 April 2007  Spring break with the kids – Disneyworld?  Or maybe just NYC…


Friday the 13th April 2007  John O’Toole rocks the PA Club for wVvy!

Thanks, baby, and happy birthday!


16-18 March 2007  MVIFF


17 February 2007 Ballyhoo and Maynard Silva at the PA Club

Part of wVvy’s monthly concert series


3 February 2007  Lucy Vincent CD release party at Paradise Lounge in Boston 10pm

going to Boston to tape the show for wVvy CD “Live in the dead of winter.”  Also featuring Squash Meadow, Nina Violet, Colin Ruel, Kahoots, Willy Mason, Unbusted, Maynard Silva, Eric Luening, Ballyhoo, John O’Toole, Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish, Whalebone, Mercy Beat, Sugarbowl, Entrain, and more


and celebrating happy birthday to Amsa J we miss you, holla!  We’re gonna have a party party…


28 January 2007  dj Nightshade, 3-10pm

Che’s Lounge, Main St. Vineyard Haven just opened, daily 8am-8pm.  Come see some of my paintings!  Thanks Tanya from Ekaya Gallery, and the owners of Che’s Lounge.


27 December 2006 to 4 January 2007  home for the holidays – WH to ORD

Good times – lots of family and friends, good food, saw Draco and the Malfoy’s at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, trained cats and dogs from Moscow at a theatre in Skokie IL, DA BULLS! at Chicago Stadium, and shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses for lil sister’s wedding in June…


December 2006  wVvy.org is now streaming on-line!  Click LISTEN at http://rs1.radiostreamer.com:8360/

T minus one year and counting before we’re live on the air.  Future wVvy events: monthly concert series at the PA club!


Friday the 13th, October 2006  Fort Point Channel Artists Open Studios

Gonna look at some art in Boston – you never know what may happen…  but first, hot cocoa at LA Burdick’s, nummy!

10 September 2006  apple picking day trip



Cortlandts should be ready mid-September – hope this is close enough because I want pie!

2 September 2006  Cutting through the Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back – lecture by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

7:30pm at the Whaling Church in Edgartown.  Another great event sponsored by wVvy and the Peace Council.  Amy Goodman will be available for signing books and questions.



I had forgotten to mention the awesome Willie Mason homecoming concert this past July, though I sent way too many emails to my mailing list (was just getting the hang of the art of hiding your addresses J .)  You can watch (most of) his encore acoustic solo of Oxygen if you have quicktime (I was selling t-shirts and CD’s so missed the first lines).  It’s a BIG file, please be patient (I have no editing software to make our lives easier and waste lots of time having fun).  Thanks to Willie, Colin Ruel, Nina Violet, and Unbusted for rocking our socks off that night and making mucho moolah for community radio!  (can I fit in any more parentheses?)























17-20 August 2006  Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair


The theme this year is something like “the best under the sun.”

I’m entering this little 8”x10” in the professional oil painting category.  Will I win?

Que sera sera.


Want to see an exciting part of the draft horse pulling contest?


The same evening I painted this, I saw a movie under the stars at the Vanderhoop Homestead to benefit its restoration.  The coolest part was right before the screening, when the Black Brook Singers performed some Wampanoag chants.  Afterwards the moon rose red, then orange…



(quicktime videos that were too big for youtube.com I've hosted on my site. Sorry for the slow download.)

13 August – 4 September 2006  Faces and Figures at Featherstone Meetinghouse for the Arts, opening reception August 13, 4-7pm

  I have several pieces in this show as well as sketchbooks on view, including this one

He loves me not (Juliet), 11”x14” oil on paper

4 August 2006  Nina Gomez Gordon: Impressions – open studio reception, 5-7pm


new mixed media abstract paintings and

oil on canvas of Martha’s Vineyard landscapes


553 State Road in West Tisbury

0.3 mi up-island from Cronig’s in WT

on the left side of road


please park in back, not on the road J














18 June – September 11 Dada at the MoMA


I can’t wait to see this show (and some old friends) in NYC!  See you there on July 6.


Here’s a preview, two pieces by Marcel Duchamp.




Addendum – now I think I’ll leave NYC Friday morning July 7 and head to Boston for the day.  There are two exhibits at the MFA I’d like to see, Tradition and Transformation: Japanese Art 1860-1940, and Degas to Picasso: Modern Masters.  I’m going on sensory overload! 









18-22 July 2006  Vineyard Gumbo


New Orleans relief summer festival benefits the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.  Produced by Steve Lohman.


Music * Food * Art


early June 2006


This painting is the first and smallest one I did of the crows roosting in the bamboo patch on Rogers Farm (about 5”x7”).  Every spring there is a cacophony of cawing as they gather and mate and greet.  Perched high on the tips of the old bamboo they look like black notes suspended in the air.  I marvel at the tenacity of the crows and the bamboo, often unwelcome where they go, and yet irreverent and determined by nature…


The owners have reclaimed the land (the bamboo had overwhelmed and taken apart a greenhouse) and built a new greenhouse.  It seems so sparse and bare, the crows dispersed this year, some sitting on telephone wires, some in nearby trees, the party over.  I recently spoke with Mrs. Rogers, and she’s a little nervous that the insidious bamboo will overtake the new greenhouse again if she doesn’t keep on top of it…


I guess I’m posting this here now because I for one will miss my murder of crows in the bamboo.  But probably not for too long.  I will just have to paint other things until it comes back to me.




23 May 2006  Happy Birthday to me!  I’m a Gemini (and Taurus cusp)

No plans – working until 1615 at the hospital.  Maybe some friends will have a margarita at Sharky’s with me after work, then cake with my kids when they get home at 1900.  No party, except at work the following weekend.  Nurses make the best food, btw.  I’ll just celebrate during the


25 May 2006  Friends of Family Planning Art Show reception, Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury, 6-8pm

I’ll be debuting my abstract paintings Totem and Wingspan there.  Hold onto your hats, Martha’s Vineyard!  Don’t know how these will fly…


Open studio is coming, though.  Probably August.  I’ll keep ya posted.  I’ll be showing my abstract paintings and plein air from this spring/summer (paintings-to-be!).  Here’s a foretaste, Under the Bridge, 16”x20” oil on canvas, painted at Eastville Point Beach.  I was getting nostalgic thinking about how they’re going to tear down the drawbridge between Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs on Beach Road and build a new one.  It’s held up by wood for crying out loud!













16 April 2006  2nd Annual Moshup’s Challenge Gravity Race, Aquinnah (Gay Head)


OK, technically this is past, but now I can include pics.  In the second pic you see two of last year’s winners, Spa Tharpe and Jonathan Spinney, getting on their marks.  The fellow on the far right is Isaac Taylor, who came in second this year driving down-hill head-first on a bare-bones plank on wheels.  Winner overall this year was Spinney’s black bullet, pictured after the final race over the finish line. 


I went to a nice little get-together afterwards.  A puppy stole my shoe, but it turned up in my mailbox the next day unchewed J.




17-19 March 2006  6th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Independent Film Festival, Chilmark Community Center

I’ll definitely be there at least Friday night for the dance party with dj Max Hart!!  Oh yeah, I’ll watch some of the films, too, if I get in for free after donating my couch J  just kidding. 


I’m working during the day that weekend, but check out the film bill at the mviff.org site.

4 February 2006


Time for another road trip.  Call me crazy, but over the kids’ February vacation, I’m thinking of driving them to see their great-grandmother and great-aunts (my grandmother and aunts, but adding the “great”s sounds pretty impressive J) in Pennsylvania, spending the night, then continuing on to Indiana to visit my dad, brothers, and sisters.  Family is the best.  I’ll reverse it for the way home…  Thanks Gaea for portable DVD players that should make the trip bearable for all concerned!


Aside from that, the ultimate irony is happening on Valentine’s Day.  Contact me if you want that story, but it’s not much of a story.  I never had much luck with holidays.  except Halloween.  Halloween always rocks.  Thanksgiving is pretty decent, too, with the plethora of pies, just hate the traffic.  Most others are stressful as well as fun.  My birthday always sucked, until I started telling everyone I met on the street that it was my birthday, and collected all kinds of well-wishes, hugs, and kisses.  By the way, mark your calendars for May 23, when I turn the age of Jesus when he died.  I’m thinking of combining an open studio with a birthday party, so I only have to clean the house once, and if I don’t make any money, I’ll at least get presents!



Muscleman with his Skeleton, plastinate from the Body Worlds exhibit, Franklin Institute of Science, Philadelphia.  (n.b. 25 Feb.  We also saw the Edvard Munch exhibit at MoMA in NYC.  Didn’t make it to Chicago after all.)









14 January 2006



A Fun-Raising Benefit For Your New Community Radio Station wVvy (low power) 93.7

Saturday January 14th, 2006, doors open @ 3pm – Arts Exchange in Oak Bluffs, MA

(purple and white building across from Tony’s Market)


All ages, food and beverages available






Pink Socks

Draco & the Malfoys

Harry & the Potters



MC Rob-hoots

Milo’s Throat

Bella’s Bossa Samba

DJ Max Hart

Willy Mason

Dead Horse Beats

Bear and Co., Maynard and Milo with the Full Wolf Marauders


dj mamamia and dj di

(and buy my T-shirt)


1 November 2005


Well, in the near future, I could start by raking the lawn.  A friend thinks that it’s possible to merge all the photos I have of my kids playing in leaf piles and photoshop them into leaf piles with me and my siblings in them.  With all my free time.


Cerina just won the guess-how-many-candycorns are in the jar at the WT Parks and Rec haunted hayride thing.  She won . . .  the jar of candycorn!  As soon as she’s old enough, I’m buying her some scratch tickets.


The toga party in Boston was a blast.  Too bad the end of daylight savings gave us an extra hour to party and messed up my circadian rhythms again.  Just when I was getting a full night’s sleep on an almost regular basis.  How’s that for negativity.  Would do it again!  mmmMMM baklava and cannoli


Next is my cousin’s baptism mid-November.  Haven’t driven to Long Island in a while.  Maybe I can spend Saturday in the city and buy some siopao asado in Chinatown, on the corner of Pell St and Mott.  It’s the only place.  See some art – Matisse is at one of the museums.  The baptism is on Sunday in NJ, then must race home so no drinkin’ at the party afterwards.


I don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving.  I’m officially working at the hospital, as the kids will be with their dad.  Time and a half, and an extra day off, no traveling during the worst traffic of the year, plus free food.  We can roast a turkey earlier, maybe this weekend, as Ben only likes my (my mom’s) raisin bread stuffing.  Doesn’t like turkey he says.  I make a damn good apple pie.


Christmas in Indiana with the Gomez family.  Got to get the kids home by Dec. 29.  Anyone know of a good New Year’s party, on or off-island?  Will travel for fun.


Somewhere along the line I’m getting divorced, making Christmas cards, and updating my website.  Painting throughout, daily.  I’ve got to prioritize.  Ah, New Year’s resolutions.  I can’t tell you mine or it won’t come true.